Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fofuchas Templates are here! - Fofucha Plantillas

I am so thrilled because the templates are ready to ship! Save time and foam with these amazing templates. If you are not hooked in making fofuchas well this template will get you hooked. See my YouTube demo on how to use the template below. You can purchase them by visiting my EtsyAlso available in my Ebay.
Not sure what size to get? No worries, check out my quick guide below for more information and details. Happy crafting!

Plantillas para formar las fofuchas ya estan disponible. Visite mis tiendas en los vinculos para poder obtener su propia plantilla a un precio modico. 


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Fofuchas "plantillas" - template

I am in the process of manufacturing these fofuchas templates. These templates are great tools to make the heads and feet of your fofuchas. It helps waste less foam and helps make the fofuchas with such great ease. Available in three sets. Stay tune for you tube tutorial.

Muy pronto plantillas para hacer fofuchas. Disponible en mi pagina.